The Club was registered as the 'Worser Bay Amateur Swimming and Life Saving Club Incorporated' – until about 1960. 


Our life guards have helped save lives during some of Wellington’s most challenging maritime emergencies. 

These include the Wahine sinking (1968); Search and recovery (2009) Breaker Bay; Search and recovery at Steeple Rock (2010); Rescue of wind surfer at Steeple rock (2010); Rescue of 43 passengers and crew from Dom-Post Ferry (2011) (Read about the ferry rescue here).

Lynam and De Rose Swimming Cups

De Rose Cup: 200 yards
Lynam Cup: 100 yards
Before the 2nd WW (prior to 1940) the Club Cups where contested (including the Lynam & De Rose Cups) - in the sea, down at the Worser Bay Beach. During WW2, the beach was taken over & securely fenced - by the NZ Navy for the area now used by the community groups to be used as a base for the controls of  indicator loops laid across the harbour shipping channel. Over this period 1940 - 46, the Club Trophies were competed for - in the old Te Aro Baths (located where the Freyberg Pool is now)

The De Rose Cup was donated by the couple who owned the shop at Worser Bay. Their son Billy was disabled and they used to carry him down to the beach to watch the club members training. Billy De Rose became almost a club mascot and members used to take him everywhere. The trophy was donated in appreciation for what the club had done for Billy.