Fundraising Activities

A successful and continuous fundraising effort is necessary to support the costs of maintaining a well trained and equipped volunteer life saving service.  We rely on all members contributing their time and input to ensure we raise the $30,000 - $40,000 we need each year to supplement very modest club membership and sports activity fees.

How do we help our community?

The Worser Bay Life Saving Club trains and supports a team of volunteer lifeguards to help keep Wellington beaches safe. This is our top priority. Club parents also deliver a program of water safety and surf sports for member families aged 7 years and older.

While our community-minded members fund-raise and contribute their own money to help support this service, your additional financial support would help ensure our beaches and communities remain safe.

Our Commitment

A number of our life guards volunteer 30-60 hours of their time each summer to support beach patrols and community water safety education activities. We are always looking for ways to maintain and further expand a proficient life saving and water safety education service.

How Can You Help?

Your donation of money, goods or services can help support our life guarding activities or support our surf sports activities. The club commits lots of resources to providing water safety education and experience for Wellington youth in an effort to eliminate drowning incidents.

We also need funds to purchase and maintain equipment to support life guard development and lifesaving activities:

The equipment we need includes:

  • Junior surf boogie boards $50 - $100 each
  • Rescue tubes $110 - $130 each
  • Junior competition boards $1,500 - $2,000 each
  • Paddle Board $2,000 - $2,500 each
  • Ski $3,000 - $4,500 each
  • Tent $5000
  • IRB hull $12,000 - $15,000
  • IRB Motor $6,500

How We Can Help You 

Donations or bequests can be tagged to a specific item of equipment or activity, or can be for the purpose of supporting the general operations of the club.

 We can reflect your wishes by:

  1. Establishing a fund that provides an annual distribution to the club
  2. Ensuring the money is used only for your nominated purpose
  3. Arrange for a legacy donation to be publicly acknowledged or to be anonymous.

If you would like to make a donation, please:

  • Click here to donate via Give-a-little
  • If you'd prefer to donate by cheque, please send a cheque made out to “Worser Bay Life Saving Club – donation”  and crossed “not negotiable and account payee only” to P.O. Box 15 151, Wellington 6243
  • Contact the fundraising co-ordinator, Grant Rae (027 445 5862 or via email) to find out more about the Worser Bay Life Saving Club, discuss your donation or bequest proposal and work with the club to help provide you with confidence that your wishes be put into action and your donation will be safely invested prior to being applied.

We are a registered Charity under the Charities Commission and will provide a receipt to acknowledge your donation. The amount donated is likely to be tax qualify for a tax rebate (by completing and submitting an IR526), however, please consult your tax adviser if you wish to be sure about this.

For more information about tax rebates, click here.

Our Undertaking to You 

The Worser Bay Life Saving Club has prudent financial controls and governance in place, including dual sign-off, audited financial statements, financial delegations policy and a very inclusive administration approach. We can provide a high degree of confidence that your money will be spent wisely and in accordance with your wishes.


1. Hall Hire (click here for details)
2. Grants from various Community Trusts, as well as WCC and the Eastern Suburbs Sports Trust
3. Commercial Sponsorships from local businesses
4. Summer Collections

  • KFC collections at Kilbirnie, Kent Terrace & Lower Hutt outlets (September – October)
  • New World collections at Miramar (February)
  • Wellington Airport collection (December)
  • Wellington CBD collection (11th December)

5. Sale of merchandise
6. Sausage Sizzles at Club Days (each Sunday during the season)
7. Quiz nights (October)

Please contact Grant Rae here if you can contribute to the club’s fundraising effort.